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Hi, I'm Brenda Gilliam!

Here is my story and while it might resonate with you. About 10 years ago I lost my mother unexpectedly. She had poor health insurance and did not receive proper care. My mother also did not have any life insurance or savings. I believe that if my mother had the proper healthcare in place she may still be with us today. Her death was devastating for me and my sisters. We had to sell our personal belongings , take money from savings just to give her the most affordable burial possible and by the most affordable; I mean not the ideal funeral we wanted to give her. At the time the headstone was not placed on her grave because of the cost.

It was this personal experience that led to me deciding to try and prevent others from facing a similar situation. I dedicated my time to knowing all things Medicare and options available to Medicare beneficiaries; the best health care possible and at the most affordable price. I also did not want to see the devastation left to families when a loved one passes and the financial burden it puts on the families; so I offer life insurance to protect families and give peace of mind to individuals that know when they are no longer here that their families will be able to take care of the funeral. I wanted to take it further than just final expense to cover funeral costs but also educate beneficiaries about how they can build cash tax free that they can use now and in retirement. To summarize; I want to do my very best to help improve access to the very best healthcare. I also want to help  provide peace of mind for life insurance and building cash for when your going to need it.

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