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Devastating Life Events Led Brenda to Her Calling

News Article Excerpt from The Times News

Just over a decade ago, Brenda Gilliam lost her mother. Her mother’s death was unexpected, and the impact on Brenda and her family was devastating.

In addition to the painful loss of a loved one, Brenda and her family quickly realized her mother had not received the health care she needed and had no savings and no life insurance.

“We had to sell our personal belonging, and take money from savings just to give her the most affordable burial possible, and by the most affordable, I mean not the ideal funeral we wanted to give her,” Brenda explains, adding that because of the cost, they couldn’t even afford to place the headstone at her grave at that time.

“It was this personal experience that led to me deciding to try and prevent others from facing a similar situation,” Brenda said. “I realized this was an issue for many families, so I started helping individuals on Medicare get the most out of their healthcare; improving their lives and health. I also educate and assist families and individuals with life insurance options to protect their families.”


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