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Having a Helping Heart

A Heart for Helping

Insurance can be difficult. When you are doing your research, you have so many questions that it can be overwhelming and trying to answer those questions on your own can take you down a rabbit hole that, more often than not, creates more questions. This is where I step in. You can stop, take a breath, and know that my services are not only cost-free, but I work for YOU. I want your path to be in your best interest, not the best interest of the insurance companies or organizations. To put a name on all the ‘extra’ I do, I call myself your Extra Help Coordinator. The list of areas I specialize in is large and focuses on optimizing your advantages so you can spend energy on creating a positive quality of life.

Here are a few services I offer that could help you make better insurance (and life) decisions:

  • Prescription Review: I will look at your current prescriptions to see if you are a qualifying LIS (low-income subsidy) recipient to help pay for the cost of prescriptions. In addition, I investigate additional assistance via pharmaceutical grants and programs.
  • Diabetic Programs: If you are diabetic, I will review concentrated program assistance tailored just for diabetics. (Certain Programs)
  • Ensure Resources: Seek resources for Ensure to help you if you need nutritional supplementation due to a health problem; this is most used when I am helping low-income cancer patients.
  • Food Bank Resources: I work with various food banks throughout East TN/SW VA to provide a resource for food and in extreme situations arrange for delivery of food via myself and or volunteers.
  • Communication: I provide constant contact with all that I assist so that you know you have an advocate in your corner in addition to resources you currently have.
  • Navigate Programs: Help you navigate the federal and state government programs available to provide resources that improve quality of life and improve overall mental wellbeing.
  • Nonprofit Assistance: I work with nonprofit programs that assist with educational expenses, transportation resources, and more.
  • Cell Phone Assistance: For low-income qualifying individuals.
  • State Assistance: Assistance with resources that can help you pay healthcare costs such as help paying part B premiums ($148.00 monthly) and instatement of Medicaid for all qualifying clients/patients.
  • Dental & Vision Insurance: I provide dental, vision and more to qualifying individuals.
  • Clothing Assistance: I will help provide access to clothing via community resources in your specific area.
  • Programs/Grants for Low Income: Such as individuals needing ramps built at home and other home repairs and more.

The biggest part of being your Extra Help Coordinator is having a heart for the people and seeking volunteer opportunities and assistance resources that can enhance your overall wellbeing. I am continually seeking out new programs as they become available and work diligently to help make them available to those who need them the most.

As your Extra Help Coordinator, I want to improve programs in areas of need that have little or no funding. I hope to start an organization in the future that helps seniors living in a home they own but can’t afford to make basic repairs. I have come across many needs such as needing assistance with pest control, window repairs, heating and cooling repairs, roof repairs and more. This program would rely on donations for materials and volunteers to do the work.

COVID-19 has posed many obstacles in 2020 but I believe if enough people come together with a servant’s attitude and heart a program like this is achievable.

Brenda Gilliam
Extra Help Coordinator
Phone: 423-276-5807

* Not affiliated with any government agency.
*Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

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